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April 2021

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Some tips of Acne

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Some tips of Acne Empty Some tips of Acne

Post  shanseo01 Fri Feb 03, 2012 3:53 pm

hey ppl! here are some tips which had helped me a lot for my acne which i had suffered it for years. i really hope that these tips will help those out there who are struggling to fight with their acne problem.

consume a lot of water. water flushes away unwanted toxic in our body and help to regulate body temperature as well. plus, water is essential for our skin to maintain its healthiness. when i started to consume a lot of water daily, at least 2 litre per day, i came to realized that my skin cleared up and my acne were less visible and inflamed.

wash ur face twice daily. i used to wash my face in the morning and night before going to bed. it's useless to wash ur face as much as u want just to clear ur acne cuz it may actually damage ur skin. remember for those who have acne do not use toner or moisturizer. from my experience it worsen my acne and those stuffs totally don't work for skin with acne especially inflamed and severe one.

use suitable cream for ur face. pick the less oily cream. i use Dempo Snow cream daily after face cleansing. and it really works for me as i can see my pimples gradually less inflamed and my blackheads are less. it makes my face look fresher and my tone are uniform compared to previous day before using DempoSnow. before using it my face covered with many cyst acne especially my jawline and cheek and my face look totally reddish resulted from acne. thanks to DempoSnow it saved my face from those inflamed red acne.

watch out ur daily diet! what u eat determined how healthy is ur skin. avoid junk food, processed food and oily food. too much of these foods make ur pimple to increase in number and make ur skin oily. i had reduce my intake of oily food and my face became less oily. serious. eat more fresh veggie and fruits. i recommend u to take apple daily. apple is good for detoxification and will surely clear up ur pimple. believe me. it really works! i also took Vitamin C as my supplement and i can see improvement on my skin. well, i switched to Evening Primrose Oil. this is really good too for my skin. i take twice daily after meal in the morning and night.

i had started with Apple Cider Vinegar for nearly a week. for goodness sake, it has started to clear my acne on face as well as body. very impress with the result. for sure i will continue with it. just add 2 teaspoon of ACV in a glass of water and stir it. practise this daily before going to bed.

have regular sleep. when i had irregular sleep i realized many breakouts on my face and body (back and chest). this totally ****ed me off every time i see myself in mirror. finally i started off with regular sleep. my breakouts became less.

don't ever touch ur pimple with ur hand even the back of ur hand. and don't ever ***** on ur pimples. just leave it. those pimples will gradually heal themselves with regular facial cleansing and proper skin care. i know the temptation is there but try to resist urself from touching ur pimple. i used to pop my pimples and i am totally regretful of doing that cuz it worsen my pimples and left scar on my face. but i know my skin is now improving

for my body acne, it totally prevent me from what i wish to wear. i was totally depressed and mentally disturbed. i've been suffered from body acne for about 4 years. i always overwhelmed with fear, nervousness and sadness. it affects my social life as well. thats really hard to face with real life once u have body acne. many things u wish to do but u just can't do them how sad. though my body acne have not totally clear up, but im quite satisfied with how it slowly clear up now. i use Dettol body wash and this certainly clear up my body acne and my skin is more clean and even smoother. i particularly use the sensitive type of Dettol body wash and it suits me much.

above all, reduce ur stress level. dont put to much negative thoughts in urself. be optimist and have hope in urself. have fun and do what u like. dont force urself to be what or do what u dislike. laugh as much as u want. mix around with people who always make u laugh. i have this one friend which i really connected with. she always make me laugh and happy. how funny it is that it actually help me reduce my stress level.

Good luck people in trying. i truthfully hope that these few tips of mine will help those with acne problem. i know what u all feel having pimple all over ur skin. but there's always solution to every problems.


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